Big update to the Kobo Touch to v 2.0.0

Kobo v2.0.0 updateKobo announced a big update to the Kobo Touch e-reader today. This update is to address some of the complaints about the last update which squeezed recommended books onto the Home Screen.

To get the update, just sync your device and it’ll automatically download & then prompt you to install the update. The update takes a few minutes to install and then your machine will reboot which will take longer than usual, but don’t panic yet.

Once you have it installed you will be greeted with a a new home screen which has a Discovery tab where you’ll find your recommendations. In general, the whole look of the Home Screen is much cleaner and hopefully will take care of the complaints.

Highlights from the release notes:

  1.  Revamped home screen makes finding books easier
  2. Pin books to wishlist so you can buy them later
  3. Create custom book shelves
  4. Get personalized book recommendations
  5. Find books similar to ones in your library
  6. French dictionary
  7. Improved font clarity
  8. Make text sharper with custom Font tuning
  9. Change accounts on your reader.

I think the release notes have left out details on some of the changes. I see they have made it easy to turn off wi-fi and see when you have sync’d last. Some of the menus also seem to be refreshing quicker. There is also a new search icon on the home screen for searching your own library or the Kobo store.

Also, it looks like Sudoku saves your game when you leave it now too!




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102 Responses to Big update to the Kobo Touch to v 2.0.0

  1. Fiona

    Warning! Before you update, I downloaded the updated version 24 hours ago and my ereader hasn’t worked since, it now won’t connect to the computer or show the home screen on the ereader. I have tried to reset the factory settings, but all I get is the smiley face with the squares changing from black to white. I connected Kobo yesterday, but haven’t had a reply.

    • Tina

      Have you found a solution yet Fiona? I have encountered the exact same problem and now can’t get past the smiley face screen

  2. james

    Rebooting screen been loading for the last 15mins >_<" is this normal ?

  3. sky

    Working fine for me so far.

    Updated, rebooted and now reading on new firmware.

  4. Rick Deevey

    Just updated the 2.0 firmware (didn’t even have to sync, it started downloading as soon as I USBed to the desktop). Nice clean homepage, but after an hour of using it, a few problems occurred…
    1. The shelves feature doesn’t take. I create a shelf, then try to add books to it and no shelf is there when I finish, no matter what I do next. The CREATE button just takes me back to create a shelf and the one I just supposedly created doesn’t exist. Nice idea, but it doesn’t work.
    2. Have a 2nd Kobo Touch here on another account (for another family member), with the Kobo Desktop synced to it on another laptop. The Kobo desktop updated on that laptop, but the Kobo Touch won’t upgrade the firmware no matter how many times I sync it (either by USB cable or wireless). I’m hoping it will upgrade in the next day or so.

    • Admin

      Interestingly our 2nd Kobo Touch also hasn’t upgraded itself either. They might be rolling out the update in stages.

      • Rick Deevey

        A quote from the Kobo page on Facebook:
        “Dear Kobo Customers,
        Recently we released the latest versions of Kobo Touch Firmware 3.0 and Kobo Desktop 2.0. While the majority of our customers have successfully updated both versions we’ve had some reports that not everyone is up and running yet. To fix the issue, our team has put the new upgrade process on hold, we will reinstate it as soon as possible, when we have solved these issues. ”

        You’d think the Kobo website would be clearer on what’s going, for their customers. Software can be glitchy, that’s a given, and to be expected. But a little more transparency and news would be welcome.

        • Admin

          Thanks for posting this update!

          • Rick Deevey

            They are also advising a reset until the bugs are worked out:

            “We kindly ask you to execute a reset of your device which will revert your software to the previous version until our team can solve this issue. …
            We are sincerely sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. We are working hard to resolve this issue and will let you know as soon as possible.
            Sincerely, The Kobo Team”

  5. Rick Deevey

    3. Also, although you can still add books to the ‘Shortlist’ from your Library, by pressing on the ‘heart’ icon to the left of them, there is no way to access the Shortlist.
    Was any Beta Testing done on the update?
    I would also have liked the opportunity to decline the update, if I so desired. No permission was asked; the update just went ahead automatically. Was that the way it was supposed to go?

  6. Jay

    Me and my partner have 2 kobos mine upgraded to version 2.0.0 yesterday but her desktop has updated but her kobo is still stuck on 1.9.17 could you please confirm if you are rolling this out bit by bit or is there a problem? Ive tried a factory reset and nothing. just brings her back to 1.9.17.

    any advice appreciated.


  7. Wozza

    I updated to 2.0 and had issues with my books, they wouldnt turn pages and new books wouldnt load onto my eReader. I did a factory reset, re-installed the setup version of the desktop app and started from scratch. Once again none of my books would be downloaded to my e-reader, I had to sue the website to’Bookmark’ my purchased books to page 1. This ensured all my purchased books got back onto the Touch. Only problem now is my eReader is back to version 1.9.17, and it won’t update itself to 2.0. Do I have to wait a few days before the 2.0 update gets rolled out again, so I can attempt another install.

  8. Ella

    My Mom’s Kobo Touch started having problems after downloading this upgrade. It won’t open any books, and when you touch one of the books on the menu screen or the library, the lights in the top-right will turn on and the picture of the Kobo with the happy face will appear as if the Kobo has just been turned on. I tried resetting it as the manual says (using a paperclip) and the Kobo didn’t even turn off. Her Kobo is very new (she got it last week). Please reply as soon as possible. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  9. PEdro

    i already downloaded the new version but i can not find the french dictionary…instead of this i got a Japanese diccionary :/ can sb help me about this…? (when i look for a definition i cant find the french dict…just find english , Deutsch and Japanese ) is it right?

  10. Sharon

    I just updated and I can’t highlight . I follow the instructions and the pen does not highlight.
    I also cannot make annotations. It says note saved but it isn’t. It is quite frustration.

  11. Russell

    OK – so my Kobo touch automatically updated to ver. 2.0.o – now…cant read books and cant reset; when I select a book the start up screen is shown, then the home page again – what happened to the “new upgrade process” being put on until issues were resolved??
    Not good :(
    Had to do factory reset to be able to read books again.

  12. kerstin

    My upgrade worked fine and I can read the books. But whenever I finish a chapter and turn the page, it jumps back to the beginning of the chapter. I then have to tap all the way to the end again and then it will have the next chapter.

    Any thoughts anyone?

    • shelvie

      i just downloaded the new version as well i cant bookmark my pages and my home button doesnt work. when i do get back into my book it starts off in the wrong place and after about 4 pages the touch screen wont work so i am stuck have u figured ypours out yet?

  13. Sammy

    **Touch wood** I can read books ok, my kobo did go through a phase of opening the book in random places and I’d have to tap through to find where I was but this sorted itself out. The only thing that doesn’t work now is my reading stats. Does any one know how to make this work again!?!?

  14. Trudi

    There are some major bugs in this latest update that I hope Kobo addresses sooner rather than later. I can get books to open (haven’t tried downloading a new one yet), but other maddening issues include:

    1) Cannot create shelves (this just doesn’t work). You create a shelf add books, and then are prompted to create a shelf again.

    2) Page turns ARE SO MUCH SLOWER. This has been the most frustrating thing for me.

    3) As someone has already pointed out, even the Shortlist function doesn’t work. You can click on the heart, but there is no way to access the Shortlist.

    4) Ditto the Wishlist. I’ve added books to the Wishlist countless times now, and the device confirms the book has been added, but when I return to the Home screen, my Wishlist still reads (0).

    I haven’t even tried the highlighting/annotation feature. With everything else that is so buggy, I can’t bare to. PLEASE KOBO, please say a fix is on the way, even if it means an “emergency update” that’s basically a previous more stable version until this new version can be debugged.

  15. bcas400g

    I had my kobo touch freeze solid last night while on the system settings screen. Full charge and yes on the new V2.0 O/S. Tried everything, reset, hard reset, factory reset, nothing. Contacted Kobo and they are sending me a replacement unit even though I am a few days past the one year warranty.

    Very nice surprise in they handled it very fast.

    They must realize V2.0 is bricking some units.

    • Jeannette

      How long did you have to wait to receive your new unit? IThe upgrade was automatically applied to my ereader on Dec 18, 2012 and now my ereader is unuseable! Seems to me that Kobo is still sending out the upgrade even though it is making the ereaders useless. Unbelieveable!

      • Jessica

        It’s the same for me. For a week now my kobo touch won’t turn on anymore. I did everthing under the sun to get it work and nothing. I update it a wile go.

  16. Paul

    I really think I (and most users) should eat the $100 investment in the Touch. Buy a Kindle – every user I know says its perfect. hmmm

  17. Don

    The preferable OS system from today is 1.9.16

  18. Dave C.

    So-called upgrade to 2.0 took TEN tries before it worked instead of crashing everything. Helpdesk totally useless. A week later, crashed completely. Upgrade wasn’t worth it in the first place, only minor tweaks making no difference to actually reading a book. Bought a Kindle.

  19. Peter Henley

    I have just upgraded my Kobo Touch wifi to version 2 operating system as a result of a sync and now it continually hangs on start up. I have tried factory resets several times and each time it syncs and reloads it presents with the same symptoms. Start switch light stays on and loading screen hangs on different squares each time. Will occasionally go through to start up after several pin resets. No response other than mail receipt yet from customer care

  20. Miche

    I am sick and tired of this supposed ‘convenience’ tool being a hassle!

    My Kobo Touch won’t turn pages, change font size, is missing menus, etc… now that it (without asking for approval) downloaded the new update. It worked fine without the update (finally – after the last fiasco).

    I say we have a Flash Mob and once and for all trash these repeatedly crashing units (with hammers). Then we ALL go buy something that works… (maybe a kindle).

    Let the dollar decide – maybe then they will get their act together!

  21. Peter

    I’m having same issue as many. unable to read books since latest firmware update (2.0.0) over wifi and the desktop application hangs at synching indefinitely. I have followed advice of customer service for reinstalling desktop software and doing a pin-hole firmware reset on device. as per given to me by customer service email.

    The device remains at the same state. firmware unchanged and unable to read books. I get the language selection and release notes after the reset, but everything else is the same (books remain also).

    what can i do? should i try the option on the device menus to do a firmware reset? I’m hesitant to do this without advice of customer service, but they seem useless to help anyway.

  22. Peter

    I managed to get it working … dont think i did anything very different this time, but w/e. I followed directions here carefully

    but with the following additions:
    1) did not start the kobo desktop software after reinstalling (unchecked box on install screen)
    2) for the pin hole reset, I held the pin in with home pressed for over 30 seconds (the flashing green light never appeared as described). then i was careful to remove pin but keeping home pressed. not sure if this 30 seconds made the difference or not, but that is what i did.
    3) The lights started flashing blue+green at this point and eventually, the ‘read on’ screen appeared. At this point i plugged into computer and pressed connect on the device – without having the kobo software running at the time.

    I then had the automated firmware update and setup wizard. then kobo software started and downloaded books to desktop app, then i did the sync to device. all good now at firmware 2.0. let’s hope it lasts!!!

  23. Dan

    I am sorry for everyone whose kobo is having problems. But I live in Canada and the 2.0 version was installed to my kobo device easily. Only problem is that there is no direct pipeline to the storefront. You have to search a book to get there. Other than that it’s great!

  24. Vormulac

    The update killed my Kobo. I finally got it working but it is now virtually impossible to find my content, my shortlist has disappeared and there appears to be no way to access the Storefront to buy new books! Way to go Kobo, if you *really* want to push customers away to Amazon, cutting off the ability to buy new content is a pretty inspired way to do it!

  25. Tang Jiachen

    Guys, I’m from China and I succeed upgrade my KOBO TOUCH to 2.0.0 through automatic upgrading which pushed by WIFI
    Thanks you guys above, I take enough precautions before this try!

  26. Paul

    For people having problems, no offense to this blog, but I would recommend the Kobo forum, as they have both Kobo developers and beta testers there. Within the first page or two (of 56!) I’m seeing solutions to problems people have raised above.

    Of course, a caveat: NEITHER this site, nor the one I mentioned, are official Kobo resources…

    I’m just about to bri…err, upgrade my Touch now. Wish me luck…

  27. Stephen

    It’s August 19th, and problems still persist with version 2.0.

    I just updated and none of my books will open. After updating to 2.0, my Touch reboots every time I try to open a book.

    I should have gotten a Kindle.

    • Jessica

      I am having the exact same problem as well. Have you been able to sort out the problem yet? As usual I am regretting buying a Kobo. =(

  28. smartdog

    OMG! I am having the exact same problems as Stephen! What do I do, my kobo is not working at all :(

  29. John

    It would be helpful if the kobo touch were to post a warning when connected and upgrading firmware?
    ALl I Wanted was t ocharge my battery, and the fool think won’t let me read like it always did.
    I shut it off, then restarted, then got a warning message on my computer that some upgrade didn’t finish.

    That’s kinda like getting your car back with the oil plug missing.

  30. Sept 11, 2012 this is week 4 and my problems with kobo desktop and e-reader are still ongoing. can not download all of my library to my desktop–only partially downloaded and some books that I have bought and want to read are being held hostage. at some point during the download process an ERROR message appears telling me that something has mysteriously happened and the sync has been cancelled. Of course the downloads to my e-reader are incomplete and the desktop does not recognize that it needs to sync with it. I too have found that the syncing has been faulty at times, double downloads, wrong books with cover, and incompletes….fun, fun, fun. Yes, i have re-installed Kobosetup (several times) and done a factory reset on the e-reader) The worst part is i am hooked on the darn thing and use it every day. i am disaappointed in Kobo’s lack of response/slow response to this problem. i have called and emailed on a regular basis these past weeks and no one from their Tech unit has called me back as requested. don’t forget to call Kobo if you have a problem….not all of the IT’s are good but you should be able to find someone who can walk you through your basic problems….but not this one. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE.

    • Tracey

      I have reported all the problems I am having to Kobo and they are now sending me instructions on how to send it back to them for a replacement. Sure they are having some very frustrating problems right now but at least they are trying to resolve them. I did all the resets ect and now I have no books on mine and none of them will load back on. I won’t buy a book because chances are I am not going to be able to view it anyways. My desktop tells me that there are 75 books on my Kobo memory. They look like they are there, download like they are going to be there but then ultimately….there is nothing.

  31. Purcy

    The issue is still alive and kicking! Upgraded yesterday (12 Sep) on a newly bought Touch and now I have the issue that when we try to open a book, the Touch retarts and goes back to the Home page. Not Happy Jan!!! Surely it should have been fixed by now?

  32. Chuck_in_oz

    Same problems (touch screen insensitive to page turns, slow Kobo, etc) for me over the past 2 months. Interestingly it’s far worse with some bought epub books than others; some are almost impossible to page turn. Ambient light seems to be an issue with touch sensitivity too., plus I seem to be needing to charge the device a lot more with 2.0.0 too.

    2.1.1 is out there but not officially for all yet, sounds like much better experience for most but some upgrade issues. Agree Kobo support (if that’s what you call it!) is not good enough. Not much point writing detailed emails to support explaining problems IMHO if all you get after a week is a form letter response asking you to do a factory reset.

    C’mon Kobo – at least update your support pages and own up to the problems that us “small minority” have been experiencing for a few months now. Maybe even email us…isn’t that why you wanted my email address, for important news and updates? If you tell customers what the problems are, and that you’re fixing them, and provide an ETA for a fix, we’ll stop whining for a while. Good communications is how you win customers & loyalty even when the experience is less than optimal.

    At the moment there’s no way I’d recommend a Kobo touch to anyone who wasn’t born tech savvy…it’s still not a good consumer experience.

  33. Dan

    My touch updated about a week ago and worked fine initially but now it will not open any ebooks not downloaded from the kobo store! Happened on holiday and was looking forward to getting stuck into the game of throne books…does anyone know if there is a fix for this?

    • Roy

      Same problem as Dan! Redicioulus. After update can only read books purchased in Kobo store. Opening other epub books restarts the ereader all the time.

  34. Karen

    I cannot adjust the font with the new version……anyone have any success with that?

  35. Rob

    Similar problems here. After updating to 2.0, the kobo will charge when connected to the computer, but it won’t recognise the computer and the computer won’t recognise it either. After a factory reset it connects straight away, and I have a tiny window of time to update the books on it before it auto-upgrades again and the same problems occur.

    Anyone know if I can disable the automatic “upgrade” (it’s not an upgrade if it stops the thing from actually working)

  36. Galo

    Found a solution to the Shelves and Shortlist problem through this link:

    “Go into Settings => Accounts and sign out of your Kobo account. Then sign in – you will do a modified factory reset. Sync first so you don’t lose bookmarks for kepubs. write down the pages you were on for epubs as you will lose those. People having problems with shelves say this works.”

    So far, the solution worked for me.

  37. Weichu

    Not having any problems except that I can only read Kobo books (so no Amazon, Smashwords, etc). If I try, it just goes to the ‘happy face’ like it’s turning on :/.

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  39. brian healey

    Well after returning my first Kobo …the second is no different….unable to attach wi fi function , desktop continually freezes…Looks like a piece of crap and waste of good money…

  40. Jeannette

    Upgraded my Kobo Touch on Dec 18, 2012. Now I find this website and see all the problems with the upgrade!! I’m very disappointed that Kobo would still be releasing this upgrade when it has caused so many issues. In my case, my ereader is ‘frozen’ and they are supposed to be sending me a replacement. I am going on vacation and do not have an ereader!! I am not a happy ‘reader’!!

    • Jeannette

      Received my replacement Kobo Touch on Jan 11, 2012 via Canada Post. It is loaded with V2.3.0 and everything seems ot be working. Communication with Custmer Care and 2nd level support was excellent. They responded to my emails within their target time and often earlier. Still not happy that I had todeal with the whole issue of the unusable ereader caused by the upgrade to V2.0 but Kobo did respond quickly to my problem.

  41. Heather Smith

    Hi – I connected my Kobo to my computer and now the screen of the Kobo seems frozen on “Restoring your Device to Factory Settings”. It has been like that for 24 hours. On my computer the Kobo website just continually is updating. As soon as one update is done the screen jsut pops up with another one.
    I can’t figure out what to do. Can you help me?
    Thanks, Heather

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