Kobo Update v 1.9.17 released

kobo v1.9.17 update
kobo v1.9.17 update

Kobo has sent out another update, version 1.9.17 for the Kobo Touch eReader

This version includes:

  • improved recognition of page-turn taps
  • Home screen correctly remembers your carousel choice
  • Improved sync performance
  • Fixed render of menu items when a word is highlighted
  • Fixed trouble connecting with wifi
  • Option to share your reading activity to Facebook Timeline
  • Other stability and performance improvements

I’m interested in the improved recognition of page-turn taps. I’ve recently noticed my Kobo Touch has been a bit more finicky about page turns. I might also need to clean the sides of the screen where the IR sensors are.

The Facebook timeline is an interesting feature, though I won’t be linking my Timeline to my Kobo. I’ve seen similar facebook posts from people who have Telus TV and I really don’t need to share what TV shows or books I’m reading at the moment.





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25 Responses to Kobo Update v 1.9.17 released

  1. Mik

    So where do I find this update (ver 1.9.17) to download & can I download it to my laptop with out my Kobo connected?

  2. F Adams

    I found that after it, all my new books disappeared and it wouldn’t sync. Can’t access a new book.

  3. david

    Don’t use this update, the touch system works as hell

    the recognition of page-turn taps doesn’t work anymore and it takes 10 seconds to switch pages

    • Kalyan

      You are right David, book closes when I do a page turn.

      There seem to be many issues like page turns taking time, closing the book, unable to open already reading books.

      Strange how the software was tested.

      • DickB

        I had the same problem. When I removed the MicroSD card the problem was gone. MicroSD card back in, problem is back again.
        So I have my books on the internal memory and no MicroSD in the reader.
        I hope this will be solved in the next release of the firmware.

        • Gracie

          Thank DickB, I was experiencing the same issue but when I removed the MicroSD card I no longer had any problems. I also hope this will be fixed in the next release.

  4. Shari

    Since the update – my kobo touch screen says Updating – can’t get it to stop, tried paper clip in the back, on my computer kobo program the ereader tab does not work either.. Very frustrated.

    • tob

      I have the same problem – what did you do to fix yours???? Please help

      • Anita

        Me too… Please help with a fix

        • Victoria

          I e-mailed the KOBO team and asked them this was how they said to fix it, yet to try it though
          You may have recently tried to download an upgrade for Kobo Touch (version 2.0) or Kobo Desktop (version 3.0). If you’ve experienced a problem with this upgrade, we apologize.

          Please complete the following to resolve your issue:

          Uninstall the Kobo Desktop

          1. On your Windows computer please click on your Start menu and click “Control Panel”
          2. Depending on the Windows OS you have, please click on “Program Features”, “Uninstall Program”, or “Add and remove program.”
          3. Find Kobo in the list and click “Uninstall”
          4. Restart your computer and navigate to http://www.kobobooks.com/desktop to download the Kobo Desktop again

          Once you have signed into your account, please complete the following on your device:

          i. With the device powered off, press and hold down the Home button.
          ii. Move the power slide to the right, then let go. The power light should blink red twice.
          iii. When the light turns green, let go of the Home button.
          iv. The light should start to flicker white, and will continue to flicker while it resets itself.

          You will then be able to set the device back up to the Kobo Desktop.

          • Joe Demby

            Thank you so much for this tip. You have saved my Kobo Touch from the bin. It died on update 1.9.17 and no amount of resetting could sort it out.

            Your tip did the trick in seconds and I have got my eReader back.


  5. Ken MacIver

    I bought my KT this week so it has started life with ver 1.9.17. Most of the time it seems OK but, If I manually connect to wifi or allow it to connect; the Touch may work but will almost certainly becoe unresponsive after half a dozen or so taps. Power Off and restart and I gt another few taps usually enough to turn off Wifi by setting aiplane mode..

  6. Peter

    I upgraded 2 Kobo readers to 1.9.17 and am having the following problems:
    -Public Hotspot notice that sends you to a webpage that never loads-if you cancel, you loose the connection
    -Need to re-enter the WEP key even though saved as known network
    -Need to select from several networks eventhough saved as known network

    Total hassle especially if used by seniors trying to figure this out.

  7. B. Wayne

    I am having a horrible time reading my textbook pdfs. It is the whole reason I bought my kobo tough; to read my class textsbooks on without lugging around huge books. Sadly though I am having a frustrating time trying to read my books. Either the page is too small or the text in the screen is not dark enough. I tried zooming in, and it hasn’t helped. Actually made changing pages more difficult. I hope that a new firmware comes out soon. One with a better way to read pdfs and a full version of web browser…not a beta version. Get on it!

  8. this latest update killed my kobo touch internal memory, can’t get it to turn on even after factory reset. this updates has basically destroyed a perfectly good working device.

    is kobo support checking this forum at all?

  9. jkp

    Fixed trouble connecting with wifi?

    Mine no longer is capable of connecting to any wifi since the update installed itself.

  10. claire

    Update screwed up mine couldn’t reset it was just stuck so the store gave me a new one which is right now updating and unusable ! Not impressed !!!

  11. Susan Belrose

    I loved my Kobo touch. did updates now it is unusable. so mad. but what do we do.

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