What is the ePub format?

The most common format of books for the Kobo eReader is ePub.

What is the ePub format?


E-readers allow readers to purchase books in electronic form to read on a special electronic device designed to read these books. Some e-readers can only read specific formats, but one format, the ePub format, is more widely accepted than other e-book formats. This format allows users with different devices to read the same files, thus reaching a wider audience.One of the purposes of the ePub format is to create a universal file that can be utilized in all steps of the process. Book distributors use this format to produce the book, as well as to distribute the book once it is ready for that process. Because the format is more widely accepted, the company can save money producing the content in one format, rather than transferring the same book into multiple formats for distribution.While the ePub format is a new type of format used primarily by e-book readers, it is actually similar to a file format with which computer users are already familiar. This universal format is the same thing as a ZIP file on your computer. In fact, if you changed the extension on an e-book in this format, it would be an unzippable file on your computer instead. This makes transitioning between this format and your computer easier.

The ePub format also makes it easier for writers to publish and market their own books in the e-book format. In past years, publishing a book required more work. A writer had to write the book, edit it and send it off to a publisher for consideration. The publisher had to decide whether the book was worth the risk of printing and attempting to distribute it. With the e-book formats, writers can now test the waters with a book and self-publish using e-book formats and distributing their books electronically. This cuts out the publisher and saves some writers the disappointment of rejections.

Another advantage to the ePub format is its ease of use for both readers and publishers. The format features wrap-around software that creates easy formatting for the pages of the book. Readers can also easily make text larger if they are having difficulty reading the words in their current format. Publishers can easily format their text book files into the format using free software before selling the books through various venues. The ease of use makes this format the preferred format for readers, writers and publishers.

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